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Walnut Creek is covered in wild flowers in the spring, making it the perfect time for family or maternity photos. The hills are covered in yellow mustard flowers, orange poppies, and blue lupine! Last year mustard flower mini sessions were the incredibly popular and for a good reason! These are so unique to the Walnut […]

Family Photography, Maternity Photography

Jan 4

Mustard Flower Mini Sessions in Walnut Creek

a girl puts yellow mustard flowers in her sisters hair. they are in a huge field of wildflowers
girl in flower crown looking at camera

What ages work for portrait sessions? I have babies and children from 6 months and up in my studio for these fun portrait sessions. My passion is working one on one with children and getting them to have fun during there photoshoot! Is my kid too shy or too energetic? Absolutely not! For babies and […]

Family Photography, Studio Photography

April 12, 2024

Children’s Portraits in Martinez

If you’ve followed my journey, it’s no surprise that I’ve been busy with my new Martinez Photography Studio! I had the special honor of taking special first communion photos for a local family last week! If you are planning to use your children’s studio portrait session for first communion photos, please make sure to let […]

Family Photography, Studio Photography

Apr 2

First Communion Photos – Walnut Creek

boy in white suit holding his jacket over his shoulder
baby boy smiling during his photography session

I’m so happy to announce my new photography studio is now open in Martinez! My studio is currently set up for children’s portraits and newborn sessions, but more is coming! The studio is located at 535 Main Street, Martinez, CA. What Type of Photography Studio? For the time being, the studio will be focusing on […]

Newborn Photography, Studio Photography

February 17, 2024

A New Martinez Photography Studio!

As a photographer, I’m always getting asked by friends or family if I can help with this or that. But the thing is, each niche of photography is so specialized. Before becoming a mom, I swore I would never photograph kids. I felt awkward and honestly just didn’t enjoy it. Now, I can’t see myself […]

Newborn Photography

Feb 14

Newborn Photography is a True Specialty

Swaddled newborn studio portrait. Baby is yawning and you can see her tiny toes
Infographic geared towards new beginner photographers showing how opening and closing the aperture will affect the depth of field

Getting started as a new photographer can be overwhelming, so I’ve put together some tips! These tips for new photographers are only a starting point, and each section could be an article on it’s own! I hope these little tips can help you navigate your start in the exciting field of photography! [Some links might […]

Tips For Photographers

January 28, 2024

30 Tips for New Photographers!

Spring in Walnut Creek means colorful hills speckled with wildflowers! From the yellow mustard flowers that pop up in late January / early February, to the orange poppies and blue lupine that spring up in later spring, I can’t think of many settings more perfect for a maternity photography session than wildflower fields! Scroll through […]

Family Photography, Maternity Photography

Jan 6

Wildflower Maternity Photos

mom in salmon maternity dress stands in a field of yellow wildflowers
3 siblings on a blanket. 2 sisters kiss the cheeks of their little brother.

So as a family photographer, I’m biased. Of course I think it’s a great idea to have family photos taken! You can even read about how I prepped my own family for our photos! But here, I interview a few other moms to find out why they chose to have family photos taken! “A little […]

Family Photography

November 13, 2023

Why (or why not) Get Family Photos!

When I was pregnant – awkward and clumsy – I wish someone had told me how to feel comfortable in maternity photos! Instead I stood there, full facing the camera, hands dangling at my side, and smiling uncomfortably at the camera. I promise, it doesn’t have to be awkward or uncomfortable. Your maternity photography session […]

Maternity Photography

Oct 11

How to Feel Comfortable in Maternity Photos

A spring maternity photography session with a mama in a field of wildflowers. She holds her belly and smiles softly. You can see the walnut creek open space behind her featuring mount diablo.

Three great looks to consider for your fall family photoshoot outfits, and why I love them for your photography session! These looks were all put together as inspo for fall mini sessions in the redwoods in Oakland, CA, but they are really quite versatile and would look great in a meadow, surrounded by mountains, or […]

Family Photography

September 28, 2023

Fall Photoshoot Moodboards – Outfits for the Family